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Horst Steinke


G. Mazzotta,

The New Map of the World,

cit., pp. 95-130, on Vico’s comments

on the chronological table in Book I, pp. 130-139, on Book II, pp. 140-161,

on “the Homeric question”, Book III, pp. 162-181, on Book IV, pp. 183-205,

on topics in Book II, pp. 206-233, on Book V; (2) V. Hösle,

Einleitung: Vico

und die Idee der Kulturwissenschaft. Genese, Themen und Wirkungsgeschichte der




», in G. B. Vico,

Prinzipien einer neuen Wissenschaft über die gemeinsame Natur

der Völker

, trans. by V. Hösle and Ch. Jermann, Hamburg, Felix Meiner Ver-

lag, 1990, vol. 1, pp. XXXI-CCXCIII: broadly speaking, sections 2.4-2.8 on

Book I; 2.9-2.18 on Book II; 2.19 on Book III; 2.20 on Book IV; 2.21-2.22 on

Book V. Most recently, D. Ph. Verene produced a book-by-book discussion

in Id.,

Vico’s New Science: A Philosophical Commentary

, Ithaca-London, Cornell

University Press, 2015.

The consecutive Book discussion allows for consideration of the connec-

tion and relationship between successive Books, and thus helps to shed light

on Vico’s movement of thought that is usually not made explicit by him, as

well as providing opportunities of indirectly showing connections between

certain Books by cross-references.

The present book thus means to add another heuristic approach by find-

ing or bringing to the fore, correspondences and complementarities between

distantly located material in the work.