Horst Steinke, Vico’s Ring. Notes on the“Scienza nuova”, its Structure, and the Hermeneutics of Homer’s Works
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Horst Steinke



: Book V, §§ 1046-1112: With this Book, entitled “

The Re-

course of Human Institutions


Scienza nuova

comes full circle.

Whereas the first part of Book I concluded with the history of

Rome, describing it tentalizingly as «an instance of an ideal eter-

nal history», now the final Book resumes the narrative with late

antiquity, the Middle Ages, the early modern age. But, most sig-

nificantly, it is done from the perspective of the three “ages” that

run through the entire work, thus bringing to a close cyclical

movement at multiple levels. The greatest amount of space is

devoted to “the Recourse […] of Ancient Roman Law in Feudal

Law” (Heading of Chapter II; §§ 1057-1087). Strictly speaking,

§§ 1097-1112 belong to brief concluding remarks.

The “concentric” nature of

Scienza nuova

as outlined above,

can be illustrated in the following figure:

Fig. 1 Concentric View of

Scienza nuova.