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Vico’s Ring


Vico’s grouping of five thinkers (Epicurus, Macchiavelli, Hobbes, Spinoza,

Bayle), on the one hand, and three (Hobbes, Spinoza, Bayle), on the other

hand, is still of interest: «Le triadi e i quintetti sono funzionali nel discorso vi-

chiano perchè rappresentano uno schema concettuale che permette di mettere

insieme sotto un unico concetto pensieri differenti, anche se in qualche misura

appartenenti alla medesima scuola o tendenza (The triads and quintets serve a

function in the Vichian discourse since they constitute a conceptual scheme

that allows bringing together under a single concept thinking that differs, even

if it belongs in some sense to the same school or tendency)» (Id.,

La “fantasia

che è l’occhio del ingegno”

, cit., p. 96).


Likely it would take a book-length monograph to explore and argue the

thesis in full; the goal at present is more modest, consisting of an attempt to

raise merely the plausibility of a particular literary form of

Scienza nuova