Alessandro Stile
ISPF-CNR – Napoli
stile[at]unina[dot] it

– Mesmer et Mozart: un rapport (apparemment) simple

Citation standard ISO 690-2
STILE, Alessandro. Mesmer et Mozart: un rapport (apparemment) simple. Laboratorio dell’ISPF [online]. 2011, vol. VIII [cited …]. Available from Internet: ISSN 1824-9817.

[Mesmer and Mozart: an (apparently) simple relationship]. Moving from the evidences in the correspondence of the Mozart family, who used to attend the house of Anton Mesmer, the paper examines the relationship between W.A. Mozart and the German physician. Mozart was probably a direct witness of some cases in which “animal magnetism” was applied. The parodistic outline of magnetism in a famous scene of Così fan tutte was probably inspired by Mesmer’s professional and private vicissitudes as well as Mozart’s experience. A more underground aspect of the relationship can be seen though. With regard to Così fan tutte it is possible to outline a kind of analogy between the link among the individuals claimed by the magnetism and the passions evoked in Mozart’s work, that go beyond the conventions and are designed to change the very setting of the vocal style of the XIX century.

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