Paolo La Marca

Facoltà di studi orientali – Università di Roma “Sapienza”

“Tetsugaku Manga”. Filosofia occidentale a fumetti in Giappone

Citation standard ISO 690-2
LA MARCA, Paolo. “Tetsugaku Manga”. Filosofia occidentale a fumetti in Giappone. Laboratorio dell’ISPF [online]. 2010, vol. VII [cited …]. Available from Internet: ISSN 1824-9817.

[“Tetsugaku Manga”. Western philosophy in Japanese comics]. This paper aims to analyse some Japanese comics based on important works of Western philosophers. The focus is on the direct use of philosophical texts, by reference to the “Manga de Dokuha“ series published by East Press. Following a brief introduction of this series and its purposes, a more detailed analysis based on two well-known philosophical classics: Human, All Too Human, by Friederich Nietzsche, and The Prince, by Niccolò Machiavelli, is conducted.

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