Roberto Evangelista

Dipartimento di filosofia – Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”

“Imperium in imperio”. Il rapporto uomo-natura in Spinoza

Citation standard ISO 690-2
EVANGELISTA, Roberto. “Imperium in imperio”. Il rapporto uomo-natura in Spinoza. Laboratorio dell’ISPF [online]. 2010, vol. VII [cited …]. Available from Internet: ISSN 1824-9817.

[“Imperium in imperio”. The man-nature relationship in Spinoza]. The relationship between man and nature denotes many problems in Spinoza’s context, where necessity plays an essential role. This essay tries to define the status of the possibility and its relationship to the natural necessity. The man-nature relationship reveals itself as conflictual space, where the human being faces the possibility of death and looks for the possibility of survival. The political action and the constitution of community offer an answer to the uncertainty of human position. Community is not an artificial monster; it is rather the adequate place where the human right and the human power express themselves. Nature and culture are not dissociated, since the society affirms the natural potentia of the human being and that of the multitude.

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