David Armando

ISPF-CNR – Napoli

Fra riforma della Chiesa e rivoluzione: Henri Grégoire e l’Italia

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ARMANDO, David. Fra riforma della Chiesa e rivoluzione: Henri Grégoire e l’Italia. Laboratorio dell’ISPF [online]. 2009, vol. VI [cited ...]. Available from Internet: http://www.ispf.cnr.it/file.php?file=/ispf_lab/documenti/saggi_2009_armandodavid_01.pdf ISSN 1824-9817.

[Between the reform of the Church and Revolution: Henri Grégoire and Italy]. After having sketched a general survey of the abbé Grégoire’s published and unpublished correspondences with Italian clergymen and scholars, D. Armando focuses on those involving two leaders of the Italian jansenist movement, namely the former bishop of Prato and Pistoia Scipione de’ Ricci and the Genoese priest Eustachio Degola, in the period between the reorganization of the French Constitutional Church after the end of the Terror, and its dissolution by the Concordat of 1801. This article points out that their letters reflect the hope that the Revolution could lead to a radical reform of the Church as well as the fear that it could evolve into an attack against religion, both culminated with the fall of the Papal State and the capture of the Pope in 1798.

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