Invito a Vico

Designed for a publication in Spanish (the Introducción al pensamiento de Vico, published posthumously in Caracas in 1987) this volume collects eight essays by one of the greatest scholars of Vico in 20th century. These essays have had wide circulation in other editions, and are indeed now a point of reference for the “new course” of Vico studies. The collection conceived by Piovani, however, has never appeared as such in Italian, nor have the individual essays ever been released in digital form before. So it was decided to present in ebook what, although not the book on Vico that Piovani was thinking at, can however be considered its core: an interpretative proposal of extraordinary incisiveness, which emerges from the coherent, unitary, meditated connection of the single contents and points of view. With an introductory essay by Fulvio Tessitore.




Pietro Piovani, Invito a Vico, con un saggio di F. Tessitore, a cura di L. Pica Ciamarra, Napoli, ISPF Lab - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (“I Quaderni del Lab”, 6), 2018. ISBN 978-88-908712-4-5.




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